From his early youth Georg Schmertzing has had a special fascination for human communication. As a journalist, bookseller, scriptwriter, marketing consultant and owner of an advertising agency, he has always been intrigued by consciousness in its many forms. The mystic Luise Wittmann, whose disciple he bacame in 1983, brought his attention to the mystery of the heart.

It is precisely this mystery that is now being discovered in a dramatic way by leaders of longstanding cultural groups and by scientists and philosophers. The author has undertaken this journey of discovery for us and has also included his own experiences for the first time in this book: "Kraftfeld-Herz" (The Force Field of the Heart)

Georg Schmertzing has published two previous books: "Aufbruch zur inneren Erfahrung" (Setting out to discover our inner experience) in 1996 and "Geheimnis Maria" (The mystery of Maria) in 1998.
Together with many others, the author is currently setting up a "heart to heart" network which can be accessed on the Internet www.herzzuherz.at

Georg Schmertzing

Let us connect from heart to heart!