If the author of this book is right in saying that the heart is coming to be regarded as the chief organ in place of the brain, then there are going to be a great many changes in our world in the very near future. The lack of transparency and the arrogance which characterise many structures and the representatives of those structures will melt away; those who adhere rigidly to dogma will make way for those who are full of life and love, and the self-opinionated "either/or" types will have to yield to the more sympathetic "both/and" attitude of those who think with their hearts.


A new "heart culture" is coming into being. Each one of us can join this culture and make our own contribution, right now, by opening up our hearts and making the reasoning of our heads subordinate to that of our hearts. This is by no means a Utopian vision, but is simply a daily practice that is becoming increasingly widespread. This book will provide you with numerous examples and ideas.




Allow yourself to listen to the message of this new cult book on the heart, so that your life can unfold out of the dimension of your heart.




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